Bursting with excitement for balloons!

Twistina, The Amazing Balloon Lady, popped into see Team TRACE and blew us away with her balloon twisting talents. Needing to know more, we put some questions to her…

What do you find you make most?
It often depends what the event is where I am twisting balloons at. In general, flowers and butterflies for girls and dinosaurs and super heroes for boys are most asked for. I like to encourage as many different choices as possible to challenge my creativity and amaze the audience! At adult events, it is fun to make balloon costumes, jewellery and props. Scuba gear, beer mugs, fairy wings, fascinators, glamorous handbags to name but a few. Parodies of popular cartoon characters are always in demand with kids and adults alike.

What’s your favourite thing to make?
I have a few and the favourites vary especially when I come up with new designs or an improvement on an existing one. All time favourites include the cat, penguin, mermaid and T.Rex.

What’s the weirdest thing you have ever been asked to make?
Garlic! A boy requested it and at first, I mistakenly thought he said Dalek. After he corrected me, I made a cute smiley-faced bulb of garlic sprouting leaves from the top! His parents were just as bemused as I was as to why he asked for garlic!

What’s been your biggest balloon achievement?
Winning first place in the multi-balloon competition at MillenniumJam 2010, an international balloon twisting convention where I was up against some of the best balloon artists in the world.

What’s next in the world of balloons?
That is the wonderful thing with my line of work, one never knows what will happen next! When I first took up the art of balloon twisting, never in a million years did I imagine that I would win international awards, my designs would sell all over the world, I would appear on TV, I’d be asked to design for Louis Vuitton, be invited to teach in the USA and feature in trade and national magazines. The most wonderful thing that I fervently hope for is the continuation of the smiles that my balloon creations bring to the faces of so many people of all ages.

See more of Twistina’s creations on her website: www.twistina.co.uk »