5 Day Fitness: Moreno Boxing

Day 4 of TRACE Presents #5DayFitness with Moreno Boxing, 3 x international boxing champion, hosted a class for ‘Beginner Boxing Techniques and Fitness’.

Known for his emphasis on nurturing both fitness and boxing techniques from the very basic beginner level, through to the experienced boxer. Carlos put our team of press and bloggers, all wearing Glenmuir Base layers, through an effective non-contact training experience, heavily focussing on the correct and effective boxing techniques.

This class was 1 hour long and is structured as following:

How to get into a correct boxing stance/position.
How to use correct footwork to move around.
How to throw the basic punches
How to put punching combinations together
How to defend against punches using hand, feet and head defence techniques
Introduction to skipping
Introduction to bag work
Introduction to pad-word/mitt-work
Introduction to beginner level sparring
Beginner level fitness circuit

Followed by refreshments from Rooted London and Savse Smoothies and a quick shower stop to try out the Vidal Sasson hair products.