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TRACE created and delivered a high impact, creative consumer marketing concept “Sneakerbeats.tv” to amplify the Klarna Heartbeats4Sneakers campaign. Successfully executing the full 360 digital launch event to drive excitement, hype and brand awareness in support of Klarna’s global Sneakerhead campaign in the UK region, driving consumers and press to Heartbeats4Sneakers.com. A dedicated virtual ‘sneakerbeats” hub hosted on a bespoke micro-site, packed with a full schedule of DJs and content creators, which was live for just six hours to create a genuine ‘live launch event’.
TRACE curated the content creators for Sneakerbeats, which covered “sneaker” topics from ‘How to protect and clean your sneakers’ to a streetwear shoot guide. TRACE further amplified Sneakerbeats.tv through the creation of social context from core ‘sneaker’ influencers DJs and content creators. who all drew on their own love for sneakers to push the storytelling and community element of the wider campaign.
The bespoke and showstopping invitation mailer, a realistic ‘heart’ cake sent in a bespoke tranier box along with information and invitation, underpinning the ‘Sneakerbeats’ messaging in a unique and creative approach to sneaker obsessed media and influencers saw large scale press and resultant social coverage.

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